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Leather Repairs & Restore

Leather Restoration is a treatment for restoring worn-out and damaged leather interiors. After meticulous surface preparation, new color is applied to the worn out and damaged parts with Pro Color’s Leather Rebuilding Color. The material is then protected using a High Wear Coating, which makes the leather soft and pliable as well as helping it prevent stains and cracks.

Leather Restore restores that brand-new leather feeling in your car, and can be applied to everything from parts of a seat to a complete interior.
  • Faded Color on Leather Seat
  • Stain Removal from Leather Seats
  • Cracks and Worn Out Leather Repairs
  • Steering Wheel Repairs and Restore
  • Sticky and Melting Door Handle Repairs
For more information on Leather Repair and Restore please call us on 9446046002